At Home with Zoe Helene Spaleta

At Home with Zoe Helene Spaleta

Meet Zoe Helene Spaleta, a portrait, lifestyle & fashion photographer who has become a dear friend and collaborator of Muse. 

Drawing the majority of her inspiration from films and novels, we speak to Zoe about her work, her passions and her incredible ability to capture a story through her photography 


Photos by Zoe Helene Spaleta


Zoe wears the Misa Shirt and Holly skirt 


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m 26 years old, born and raised in Canberra, Australia. I’m a second generation Greek, and my education while growing up was taught in English and Greek.

I modelled from when I was 16 years old and still model on occasion now even though my focus has completely shifted to photography.
I lived in Melbourne for a few years when I was 19, but moved back to Canberra & completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology – even though I knew I always wanted to be a photographer.





     What drew you to photography?


I am mainly an analogue photographer. As most people who shoot film will tell you, there’s nothing quite like it. Digital is amazing in its own right, but film has emotion within it that can rarely be duplicated.

I have a passion for stories. I love reading and watching films, delving into different worlds and the creation of characters within them. My obsession with stories and telling them directly ties to my photography, whenever I am taking photos there’s always a story about them in the forefront of my mind.

I’m fascinated and constantly thinking about the concept of how people are tied to each other and the tethers created between people when they cross paths. I’m a daydreamer and romanticise almost everything in my life.

I am always searching for the next story that inspires me, the next movie to change my life or my perspectives.





Do you have any daily rituals?

To be honest, not really… other than my morning coffee! I make sure I do a little bit of everything that I love each day, that’s my sense of a ritual



Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have a few upcoming projects that I’m really excited about. Some are personal projects and others are collaborations with amazing Australian brands! I’m always looking to network and connect with likeminded creatives, so if you’re reading this and have wanted to reach out…. Please do!



How has this year's pandemic changed you?


It's really shown me that I suck at slowing down. I always have to have a project, something that I am working on or thinking about. It’s made me appreciate how often I have been able to travel in the past, and that I have definitely taken it for granted. I’ve been reminiscing on my past trips and places I have visited and I am really looking forward to being able to travel again, I’ve told myself to really appreciate it this time around! The pandemic has also made me realise how much I love being creative, and how much I need it in my life.



Zoe wears the Misa Shirt 

How do you think this period change our lives in the future?


I think people have finally realised how truly important human connection is. How important it is to stop and actually enjoy each passing moment – the warmth of the sun hitting your face, the feel of pages between your fingers of a new book, the lingering moment of awe after you watch an amazing movie. I think from now on people will really enjoy being able to just go out for dinner or see an art exhibition, to go see loved ones or go to a concert, more than they ever have before.




What are you listening to (playlist)?


Lately I’ve been listening to the album ‘Sometimes’ by Goldmund and the Normal People soundtrack non-stop. Also ‘For now I am Winter’ by Ólafur Arnalds.




What are you reading?


At the moment I’m reading ‘Circe’ by Madeleine Miller. A powerful story about the daughter of Ἠέλιος (Helios), God of the Sun.

In the words of the author ‘Circe’s tale is a vivid epic of family rivalry, love and loss – the inextinguishable song of a women burning hot and bright in the darkness of a man’s world.’




What makes you feel most alive?


The first thing that comes to mind is that feeling I get after watching an incredible film, and I feel like my life has changed forever – that I’ll never be the same again now that I’ve experienced the emotions and ideas that film has provoked within me. I also feel so alive when I find a photographers work that is incredible and evokes so much emotion, that spurs me on to go out and create something of my own.


All this talk about films, what at your top 10

Top 10 (no particular order)

Manchester by the sea
La La Land
Phantom thread
Grand Budapest Hotel
Cloud Atlas
Pain & Glory
Perks of being a wallflower
Mad Max Fury Road


Zoe has such a sense of whimsy and romance in her work, we have loved collaborating with her for our Capsule IV collection. 

To learn more about Zoe and her work visit her on Instagram or her website