Interview Series with Tilda Cole

Interview Series with Tilda Cole

Meet Tilda (Matilda) Cole. We have been collaborating with Tilda since 2018. Our journeys seems to keep intertwining, with our latest endeavour; a pop up store last year alongside her jewellery label, Tilda. 

We took some time over our last lockdown (Déjà vu) to reflect on women that have been a big influence on us over our journey and we couldn't look past Tilda. She was there from the beginnings of Muse, creating imagery along the shores of the Peninsula. 

We loved getting to know a little more about Tilda's background, inspiration and multiple projects she seems to always have on the go. Tilda's sweet, kind nature is one of the reason we fall in love her work, I hope you enjoy this lovely interview with Tilda x


 Tilda wears the Tova Vest Bessie Pants

Can you share a bit about your upbringing? what your childhood was like? Did growing up on the Peninsula inform who you are today?

I feel very lucky to have grown up on the Mornington Peninsula. My family home overlooks a beautiful wetland, home to lots of wildlife. My parents have lived there since they were 22, I feel extremely grateful to have seen the landscape grow and develop as I got older. My childhood felt very magical exploring the surrounding coast, local quarries and bushland that would later influence my artistic practice. 
Now living in Melbourne through multiple restrictions it feels like a wonderful escape to visit my family home, overlook the dam and watch the birds.


Your father is a sculptor, was he a big influence on you growing up?

My dad has always been my biggest support and influence. I have so much respect for his craft and humble approach to art. Having worked with artists such as Henry Moore and Brett Whiteley he has never been short of a good story.


You seem to be involved in lots of different projects and work with different mediums. Have you found your path is always evolving? Do you draw a lot of inspiration from this? 

Absolutely. When I was younger I would always be sketching and painting but as I got older I found myself following down my fathers path working sculpturally to large and small scales. In my bachelor of fine arts I really honed into working three dimensionally with a strong focus on texture and form leading to the creation of my jewellery line.
It’s funny as soon as I begin to identify as an artist of a particular medium my path begins to change. Lately I have found myself publishing my photography and taking on freelance jobs. At this stage in my life I’m along for the ride allowing my creativity to take me anywhere I feel passionate. Each experience I have with materiality informs the next.


What are you working on right now? 

I am currently working on a new jewellery collection for Tilda Jewels. I have really slowed down with this collection allowing myself to develop a relationship with each piece before I release them into the world. This collection has largely been influenced by objects as I have recently launched Shop Memento with my business partner, Angela. I spend a lot of time in antique stores sourcing and searching for inspiration.
We have also recently converted our home into a photography studio / pop up location - this has commanded much of my time however its been really wonderful to see Subject Studio come alive. This has been something I dreamt up in lockdown all last year! I recently photographed a portrait series for Bare Hands in the space and I cannot wait to share my work.


What designers or philosophies most inform your practice?

Above all else sustainability and craftsmanship inform my practice. I am influenced by Soetsu Yanagi’s wonderful philosophy in his book the Beauty of Everyday Things. Im currently influenced by the work of Bosco Sodi, a Mexican born multidisciplinary artist. He has a fascinating way of creating and manipulating texture - his works are breathtaking. I am also heavily influenced by the work of Manon Van Kouswijk, a Dutch artist who has worked and taught in Melbourne since 2010. I was very lucky to study under her guidance during my fine arts course. She taught me to reach beyond the wearability of objects and expand their reach.


Do you have any sort of beauty routine or daily practices?

My routine usually starts with a warm cup of tea, followed by a warm cup of coffee. I love to stretch and do pilates waking up slowly when I get the chance. In terms of beauty routine I really enjoy applying my serums followed by moisturiser and sunscreen always!

How do you dress when dressing for yourself?

My clothing style is very tonal and minimalist focusing on texture, pattern and beautiful quality fabrics. I love pairing pieces I know and love from local designers with a vintage items I have collected over the years.


Tilda wears the Misa Shirt 

What are your reading/listening/waiting right now?

I’m about to pickup my new copy of Apartamento issue 27 from Happy Valley Shop. I will end up reading every article. Im obsessed with Apartamento I have almost every issue! They interview a huge selection of creatives from all over the world at all different stages of their career, its a huge source of inspiration and motivation to keep creating. At this moment I am listening to You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine by Lou Rawls on vinyl - I’m guilty of playing this song on repeat and dancing around my room.

Tilda wears the Mari Dress 

What is next for you?

Im not sure and I think that’s the beauty of it. As for right now I’m going to head to my local bagel shop and get a coffee :)

Where can we find your work?

You can find all of my work on my instagram

My jewellery and sculpture at

Sourced objects at

And the home of my work