Flood Resources & Guide from local Gem Leslie



Mike, Francis and I have been in Brisbane watching the waters rise, and while our house and studio mostly escaped damage (just), thousands weren't so lucky. The two streets either side of the studio flooded with many cars and businesses submerged. It's quite hard to fathom the extent of the damage. 



I’ve put together a little guide on how to help



  1. Donate


Donating money is the most practical way to offer immediate flood assistance, particularly as the flood waters begin to recede. Funds will cover food, freight and resources to deliver to the hardest hit areas around QLD & NSW in the coming weeks.

There are a handful of amazing charities that are on the ground as we speak. Here are some suggestions

SecondBite - Providing meals to those in need. This charity can source and make food, this is what they are best at. Then to distribute them they work with partner charities that are on the ground and front lines, as well as the QLD & NSW government. 


QLD & NSW SES - State Emergency Service (SES) is an emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community. 


Australian Red Cross - The Red Cross appeal enables volunteers and staff to help with evacuations, relief centres and outreach service as well as supporting the recovery of the affected areas.


St Vincent de Paul - Donations to St Vincent’s will go towards food supplies and other essentials as well as helping families move back home, and replacing damaged furniture.


QLD & NSW Food Bank - Providing food and clean water to communities in flood affected areas


Go Fund Me Pages - There are a lot of Go Fund Me appeals circulating, if you come across one on Instagram, check it out - the donation will go to real families and independent people who may not have had volunteers reach them yet.



2. How to help in the coming days and months

Shop local & Support small business - There are 1000’s of small businesses that have been affected by the floods. Shop online where you can. Check out the businesses instagram page and make sure they are operating.


Reschedule your trip rather than cancel - Go and visit, it will help boost the economy back up and keep the community spirit alive.


Sending messages of support - This one can’t be underestimated. Reach out and let them know that you are thinking of them.