As a small label we committed to making an impact on all aspects of our business.  

MUSE is built on the idea of a ever-lasting wardrobe. Our pieces are purposeful, and our designs are made to last. Every detail, fibre and stitch are carefully considered as we strive to make pieces that will become wardrobe favourites.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pieces and see it as our responsibility to create items that are re-worn and enjoyed well after seasonal trends are buried.



We source deadstock fabric, that generally become waste, destined for landfill or incineration where they generate greenhouse gas and other toxic emissions.

We have recently introduced handwoven silk cotton, made by artisans in India where we are able to trace the entire supply chain of the fabric. We have also partnered with artisan dyers in North Mumbai who promote the use of natural, non-toxic dyes for all our pieces made in India.

All our yarn used for our knitwear is all traceable, working with certified GOTS cotton and GSC Cashmere


Muse has always been a made to order model. As we continue to grow, we have introduced our ready-to-ship collection, manufacturing small runs, ensuring we keeping our environmental impact low and allowing us to be able to offer one-off specialist pieces delievred a little quicker to you.



To reduce unnecessary consumption and waste MUSE minimises designing to seasonal trends.

Muse offers small releases as they are ready.  We find a slower more thoughtful way of working helps us create special limited-edition pieces that can be worn many seasons to come, reducing the impact on the environment.  We are able to work directly with our stockists who support our slow more thoughtful model.

80% of our production is made in Melbourne, either by us in our studio or by local makers. All pattern-making and sampling is done within 5kms of our studio.

We have partnered with 3 artisan-owned business in India and Bali, where the artisans set the pricing for all the work based on labour time and fair wages.

We manufacture our knitwear in China, working with a small family run factory. We produce low quantities to ensure that our pieces are limited editions with as little impact as possible.

MUSE core collection is made-to-order. Mindfully made in our studio, here in Melbourne allows us to only produce what is needed, reducing unnecessary waste. Working closely with local pattern-makers and producers allows us to lower our impact on the environment and create a MUSE community within our local area.

Production time is currently between 5-10 days.